Who We Are
We are a Connecticut based manufacturing and
consulting company  that has 18 years experience in
CNC metal manufacturing and 6 years working with
stone industry. We produced  these blocks to obtain
more production with less setup time. Longer
machine running time and less down time equals
MORE PROFIT.  This patented System can be
adapted to any machine in the industry.
How we came up with the Idea
While  programming a machine for a company in 2000. The operator had to:
1.Place template on machine
2.Install vacuums
3.Place piece on vacuums
4.Digitize the template
5.Program the operation
6.Start the program cycle

You can calculate the maximum travel of the machine. Locate the blocks
accordingly. This will give you a drawing that you can load into your cad. Now you
can see how many pieces will fit on your table at one time. Before the pieces even
get to the machine. Now your telling machine what to do instead of machine telling
you what to do.
Drill dowel pin holes for
precise location
You can use this space to
briefly describe a recent
Press in pins and tap
center hole for block
clamp screw
You can use this space to
briefly describe a recent
event or group meeting.
                                              About Us
About Us